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isaac posted 18:48, 12 Sep 2007

i like the mozzarella salad.


wgatoor posted 07:55, 25 Sep 2007

Hi sean I added the tah-deeg for you ck it out...


spurzem posted 16:31, 26 Sep 2007

I also like to go gourmet if the mood strikes me, especially when wine is involved.


littlemclittle posted 23:58, 26 Sep 2007

Sean, Family Oven Lunch 2.0 was amazing -- you guys rule!

Lunch meat Taco

Lunch meat Taco posted 19:32, 27 Sep 2007

Thanks brother!...hope to see you and Issac soon. Take care.


sshadmand posted 14:03, 03 Oct 2007

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darla.mcarthur posted 19:00, 06 Oct 2007

Hey Sean, love the site. I'm going to get some recipes posted soon. I'll try to get pictures of them too! ~Darla


darla.mcarthur posted 19:01, 06 Oct 2007

We're doing great..kids are getting big. Hope you're doing well.

Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas posted 07:30, 08 Oct 2007

What's up!! Site looks $!!!


J.A.M posted 11:49, 10 Oct 2007

thanks for the comment, the site is really alot of fun. there are so many recipes i want to try. :-)


philocrates posted 14:22, 11 Oct 2007

Just remember those recipes of mine are dangerous to the waistline. The Other Half has a chocolate fetish so there are more to come in that area. That Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Salad looks good. I'll have to pick up some basil.


sshadmand posted 22:05, 11 Oct 2007

Let me know of any improvements you guys want!


deepeye_alex posted 10:30, 31 Oct 2007

Thanks but let me tell you.. I am just starting.....I've lot to learn!


ryan.nunez posted 16:57, 15 Nov 2007

food has no taste without you here


Crisa posted 08:12, 16 Nov 2007

Thanks! do you have healty recepies that you recommend?


J.A.M posted 19:54, 16 Nov 2007

that is so cool, thanks for sending me the link :-)


Jessi posted 20:15, 19 Nov 2007

Thanks for all the self-promotion, maybe this is what I needed to give real cooking a try :)


wgatoor posted 11:36, 31 Dec 2007

i made it just for you ck it out on my site...


wgatoor posted 11:18, 04 Jan 2008

Sean, how do i save my favorite video's on my site like how to poach an egg. thanks


isaac posted 18:50, 26 Jan 2008

are you gonna submit your "beans straight from the can" recipe?


LiLBrwnGrL posted 13:37, 01 Feb 2008

Hi Mr!! I'm OBSESSED with this Family oven thing!!! ....OR perhaps i'm obsessed with trying to make Lee gain 5 lbs? HHhhhmm....?!?! ;-)


jgabit posted 17:04, 05 Feb 2008

Hi Sean. Wish I were more tech saavy! Website looks great. Congratulations! Jeanne


mgabiati posted 14:18, 06 Mar 2008

oh yeah! Your Beans straight from the can were awesome sean!